ATM Owners
October 15 2016 Liability Shift to ATM Owners
EMV Card Readers Required on ATM’s
What does this mean to you?

Fraudulent transactions occurring on or from your ATM not equipped with EMV readers will shift liability from Visa – MasterCard – Euro pay to the ATM owner.

What is an EMV Reader?
An EMV is a credit/debit card reader. The reader is an electronic device that reads the chip on a credit/debit card. The card must remain in the ATM until the transaction is complete. The reader validates the chip and magnetic stripe during the transaction with a pin number still required.

What can Minnesota Pastime Provide?
We can provide both hardware and software to update your ATM. However, older ATM’s may require upgrades in excess of 1000.00 dollars.

We can provide a NO cost revenue share opportunity. We supply the money, the maintenance and the ATM.

Call us today!
Upgrades, purchasing your ATM, installing a new EMV ready ATM.
Let us make your ATM experience better

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